Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catching up....

Oh my!  It has really been 4 months since I last wrote!  I can't believe how quickly time flies!  Things here have been super busy, but I got the urge to get on here and catch up...with Christmas coming and all the baking I've been doing, I know I have lots of fun recipe's to share with you all, plus some fun crafts and activities for the kiddos!

So let's see...where to start??

Baby Henry is due in 7 weeks!!  I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has flown by!  My two little ones keep me so busy I haven't had much of a chance to think about it!  But I've been working like crazy getting the boys shared room put together, cleaning out the closet and the changing table, and trying to get organized and prepared for the arrival of Parks baby number 3!  I know it'll seem like he's here before we know it with the business of the holidays and him being due in mid-January!  I just can't wait to meet my little guy!!

Here I am at 7 months pregnant!

Halloween was an absolute BLAST this year, we took the kid's out for trick or treating and they both loved it!  I wasn't sure how interested Charlie would be at 18 months, but once he figured out that he was getting candy in his pumpkin bucket, he was pretty thrilled with it!  He would run up to the houses and say "TREAT!" Of course everyone thought he was adorable :) Lily did really great with trick or treating as well!  She usually lets her nerves get the best of her, but she was really into it this year! I was so proud of her, letting loose and not being so afraid.  She was great about her "thank you's" which made me really happy too :)  It was definitely a fun night and great memories made for all of us!

Lily as "Crumb SugarCookie" a Lalaloopsy doll

Charlie as "Jake" from Jake and the Neverland Pirates

In more big news here at the Parks household, Miss Lily just turned 4 over the past weekend!  I cannot believe that I have a four year old!  We celebrated her birthday a few different ways. Saturday my husband and I gave her gifts from us and Charlie and then we took the kids to "build a bear" as Lily was begging for their new Gingerbread Hello Kitty stuffed animal.  We also visited Santa while we were there, though Lily decided she wasn't interested in the Big Guy. *sigh* maybe next year ;)   

Saturday night my parents came to visit the Birthday Girl and we spent some fun family time together, opened gifts, had dinner and of course playing with new toys!  Sunday we had our first big birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese (Usually my Mom has the parties at her house). It worked out really well and the kids seemed to have a blast!  Lily wasn't too keen on all of the attention, but loved playing all of the games and spending time with her family (especially her little cousins who came to play with her!).  It was a fun and busy weekend, added in with Thanksgiving festivities....I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend at home this weekend, but I'm so glad she had so much fun!  What is it about planning birthdays that make you feel more like a Mom than ever? Is that just me? :) 

Miss Lily's birthday collage - the middle picture is this year's preschool photo!
 *sniff* she's grow up too fast!
SO that's the gist of what's been going on here with us!  I'm almost finished up with this semester at school before taking some time off for baby Henry to come and for us to adjust to being a family of Five! I'm hoping  to have more time to come here and write....now both my kids are screaming, so I'm off to calm the craziness ;) Hope you all have a beautiful day!!

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