Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer LOVE!

As a girl who loves fall and winter, summer is not usually my most favorite time of year.  This year though, I'm learning to enjoy it again - like I did when I was little!  I think what has changed my mind so much is seeing the joy in my children's faces when they play in the sunshine...running through the sprinkler, digging in the sandbox, outside dinners and picnic lunches, it's so much FUN for them. You can see how much they love the freedom of coats, hats or mittens, running free and being wild - who wouldn't love that!

Unfortunately, due to the extreme heat we've had this year, we haven't gotten to enjoy being outside as much as I would like's just been too much for the kids (and their pregnant Mommy!) but we have had a few fun days, and the first thing my little ones want to do is play in the pool! I thought I'd share a few pictures with you from one of our summer play days outside :) 

Charlie prefers to sit on the slide rather than go down it ;)

keeping cool!

my handsome boy!!

taking a juice break :)

....and a Popsicle break :) 

Even Daddy got in on the action!

It's so easy for us to complain about the seasons, winter is too cold, summer's too's easy to get wrapped up in the inconvenience of it all - I know I do!  But watching my children play makes me realize that we need to enjoy the seasons as our do - soak up every moment because time flies by so quickly!

If it's too hot outside, fix a nice glass of lemonade and go run through the sprinkers with your kids!  Maybe snow isn't fun to drive in - but it IS fun to build a snowman, then share some hot chocolate and cookies together with your family.  I always find myself wishing for the next season, wanting cold when it's hot or hot when it's cold, but slowly...slowly I'm learning to step back, and take life one day at a time.  Enjoy the summer when it's hot because you'll be dreaming of it in the cold of the winter.  Things could be so much worse for us all.  But a lot of us have homes, air conditioning, and people to enjoy it all with...there are so many out there who do not!

We had a big power outage here earlier this month and over the Fourth of July holiday.  We were SO lucky to have been able to keep ours (we'd lost power twice before in our home, once for 9 days and once for 6 days!) but there were people suffering through the hottest temperatures of the year with no power, no air conditioning, and no groceries.  Things can ALWAYS be worse. 

So go play outside with your little ones today, or read a book in the sunshine, or if you're lucky enough to get some, go dance in the rain!  Enjoy every minute of your day today!  That's my goal as well!!  Have a great one!!

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  1. love to get her little swimsuit off and have pussy fun with her


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