Friday, June 29, 2012

A project worth every penny....

I've been meaning to blog about this fun project for some time now, but it always gets pushed to the bottom of my list as other things go on in life....But now seems like a great time (especially with this HEAT WAVE we have going on here in Ohio!! WHEW!)  About a year ago I came across an awesome blog with lots of great stories, crafts, and more!  One of the projects that stood out to me immediately was her "A Frame Tent" tutorial.  Find it here!   As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it for Lily! And let me tell you, it has been one of the greatest projects that we've ever done - she LOVES it!

You know there's something really fun about doesn't matter how old you are - you want to play in a tent!  We have a "beach tent" that we set up in the backyard often and it entertains the kids for hours (and I like to hang out in there and read a book while the kids are playing!)  This is our INSIDE version of that, great for fun in the winter time when it's too cold to go outside, or for days like today, when it's 100 degrees and too hot to play outside!!

It's a really simple project and yes, you have to have a drill and a sewing machine, but it really doesn't take a whole lot of skill to complete.  My hubby drilled the holes for me and I did the sewing. We finished it in about an hour for about $50, maybe $60 dollars.  But if you find a fabric you like on clearance, you can make one for a LOT cheaper!

I did make one small adjustment to the frame.  We drilled another hole on the bottom of each piece of molding, about 3 inches up, and then slid a dowel rod between them, one on each side, to help sturdy the bottom a bit more.  So you'd need three dowels instead of one to do it this way :)

So if you're looking for something fun to do, head on over and grab the tutorial and the supplies you need and your kids will have a blast with it all year long!!!

I'm off to get the babes ready for naps and work on some homework!!  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Afternoon tea and A little unexpected Surprise....

Oh my!  Has it really been nearly 6 weeks since I've last written?  I can't believe how quickly time flies!  I've been so busy here lately, I started taking online classes (which are keeping me MUCH busier than I expected!) and I've been keeping the kids occupied with summer fun.  We've already made a couple of trips to the zoo, some days by the pool, played in the sprinklers, the water tables and lots and lots of playtime outside!  I'm trying hard to enjoy summer this year, even though you're talking to a girl who loves the COLD.  It's easier to enjoy it when you have little ones to have fun with!

I feel like I should tell you to grab a cup of tea before you read this, because I'm trying to play catch up ;)  So if you want to fix yourself something cold to drink and settle in, I'll be here when you get back! :)




All set???

Well, where to begin?  Last month my little Charlie turned one....ONE!?!  I can't understand where the time has gone!  I feel like I just brought him home from the hospital, all snuggly and cute in his little froggy sleeper....

But those days are long gone and now he's my ornery little boy who makes me giggle all day long with his antics...and he's ONE!  

Of course, we had to make a big to-do of his first birthday and we had most of our extended family over to my Mom's house for a super-fun JOHN DEERE themed birthday party!  Of course, i didn't get many pictures of the cute decor, but I'll see if I can steal some pictures from my Mom :)  We had a really great time and Charlie's favorite part, I think, was his own personal "smash cake" which he devoured OUTSIDE before hosing off in the water ball with his sister and his cousin!  It was a great time and I still say thank you to everyone who came and made it the great party that it was!

Lily and her cousin Shelby

Lily, Shelby and Grandpa!

digging into his cake!

he'd had enough at this point :)

Birthday cake!  Photo by Kelly Buehrle
check out her blog for some fabulous photography!

In other wonderful news, My husbands brother and his wife welcomed their first baby boy into the world on June 22nd! We were lucky enough to take a trip up to see them and we all go the chance to snuggle with the sweet little boy! So tons of congrats to Adam and Mickey!  We couldn't be happier for you!!

Lily, Matt and Finn <3

So I know you're all dying to hear my little Surprise.......;) 

Our little family is growing fast!  Matt and I are expecting our THIRD child!!  We are thrilled!

This little baby was quite an unexpected but wonderful surprise!  I took a pregnancy test the day before Charlie's birthday and was overjoyed with positive result!  Now with both of my children, and my angel-baby as well, I had to take medication to be able to get pregnant.  Because we didn't think were were QUITE ready for another little Parks, I had not been taking my medication.  But the universe works in miraculous ways and it must have thought we were ready to continue growing our family!  The baby is due in January - and I can't wait to meet our sweet little one :)  
Luckily, this has been an easy pregnancy for me and I'm feeling great!  Can't wait to find out if we're expecting a boy or a girl - but not until September!  

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week and weekend!  We're expecting record highs today of 102! So if you're experiencing the heat like we are I hope you can stay cool!!  

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