Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summertime Sweet Tea

It is a gorgeous, hot, sunshiney day here in Ohio and it feels like summer.  So much, that as I write you now, I'm in a chaise lounge on my deck soaking up some Vitamin D.  The little ones are napping and dreaming, I'm sure, of spending the evening playing outside, and my husband is away at a Cubs game this afternoon....this means quiet time for Mommy!

What is it about Summer that brings on this blissful, excited feeling?  Growing up, summer meant freedom!  No school, nothing that had to be done immediately, it was just a time for fun and relaxing. Trips to the beach, the park, swimming, sleepovers, cookouts and a million other fun things.  Now, as an adult with children, it's so much more.  It's bare feet in the grass, tricycles, drippy popsicles, baby pools and sprinklers, picnics, ice cream cones, and quiet nights on the deck with my hubby after the kids go to sleep. It's the summer sounds of crickets chirping, lighting bugs in the dark, the smell of cut grass and blooming flowers; it's digging in the dirt, watching vegetables grow, weeding, planting, mulching, and stepping back to see what your hands have done. Summer is all of these things and so much more, how can we not love this easy-breezy, sweet time of year?

As much as I love the nesting, and homey-ness of Fall and Winter, I love the fun and excitement of summer.  There is always something fun to do, and you never have to worry about the weather. It's such a great time to get together and spend time with your friends and family.  I LOVE having cookouts here at our home...our house is so small that it's hard for us to entertain when we have to stay indoors.  When it's warm, we have the big deck in the backyard that's great for holding lots of people, and we have (of course!) a million toys for the kiddos to keep them happy.

Along with all seasons (when you're a foodie like me!) there are certain food that remind me of summer.  Of course anything barbecued or grilled is going to immediately take you back to those hot nights sitting at your patio table with sticky fingers and a full belly.  One of the things that makes me think of summertime most - though - is Sweet Tea.  This is kind of a new thing for me, I haven't always liked tea, but in the past few years I've learned to LOVE it!  I drink tea in the mornings mostly, hot, but this sweet tea recipe has quickly become my favorite...and it's helping me to get past my nasty Diet Dr. Pepper habit (sort of ;) My Mom actually called me asking for this recipe today so I thought it was the perfect time to share it!

Summertime Sweet Tea

I did a bit of searching a while back and happened across this recipe.  For the original, click here :) 

a pinch of baking soda**
6 tea bags
2 c. boiling water
3/4 c. sugar
6 c. cool water

Sprinkle baking soda into the bottom of a large heat-proof pitcher.  Add in tea bags and cover with boiling water.  Let steep for 15 minutes. Remove tea bags and add in sugar, stirring well until dissolved.  Mix in cool water and refrigerate until chilled. 

**don't skip the baking soda!  It adds to the smoothness of the tea and helps to remove the "bitter" flavor of the tea.  Just a little goes a long way!

I hope you all enjoy this summer weather if you're getting it where you are!!  Fix yourself a glass of tea and soak up some sun (preferably with a good book in your hand as well!)  Have a fabulous day!!

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  1. You make every season so fun!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Hi, I am just getting to come over to your blog. I work in the winter and it is soon to be summer vacation and I will have more blogging time!!!!!! I wanted to say hello and I love your adorable blog! Sweetness. Oh I see you know the Ferguson's......precious family....I also follower their blog.

    I am going to be making tea tonight. I will try the soda. Never heard of it before.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

    Blessings, Linda
    Prairie Flower Farm

  3. Hi Linda! Thank you so much!! I just adore your blog, I"m always checking up to see what you're up to! Thank you for coming to take a look at mine as well! Have a fabulous day!!! <3


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