Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Memories 2012

Easter holds really special memories for me as it was always a big holiday for us when we were kids.  My grandparents always did it up right, big Easter baskets for myself, my sister and my cousins, huge egg hunts, homemade ice cream and of course a big brunch!  I always looked forward to Easter as it seemed like ALL of the extended family was there and everyone seemed to get along (at least to us kids!).

Now that I have my own kids I find this holiday tradition to be more fun than ever!  This year, we were lucky enough to have my husband home the entire week before, so he got to join in on some of the fun, like coloring Eggs :)

This year, due to my Mom's recent surgery and a lot of my family not being in town for Easter, we decided to forgo a big get-together and we had my Mom, Dad and Sister to our house for brunch and the big Egg Hunt.  

The kids were up around 7 and we did Easter Baskets and had a mini - indoor egg hunt as well.  What is it about the holidays that always makes me realize how quickly my children are growing up?  Lily's first Easter she was 4 months old.  We did a small basket for her and that was it, took her to my grandma's for the family get together and she slept through most of the day. 

The next year was with Matt's extended family at his Aunt Patty's house...I always remember this year because it was BEAUTIFUL outside and Lily was really getting the hang of the whole Easter Egg Hunt Idea.  This day still holds some of my favorite pictures of Lily.

Last year, I was about 8 months pregnant with Charlie and daydreaming about what it would be like to have two little ones running around the next year ;)   You can find all of those pictures and stories here in my Easter Memories 2011 blog post.

After our big morning with just the four of us, I spent the rest of the morning finishing up with the cooking and cleaning to get ready for my family.  Mom, Dad and Sara came and the kids got to dig through their baskets from "Papou and Nana."  Lily's was filled with clothes, coloring books, toys and candy, Charlie's with John Deere cars, little toy animals and clothes and candy as well.  They are definitely spoiled when it comes to ALL of their grandparents (and they have a LOT!) Then we had breakfast casserole, monkey bread, fruit salad and Mom's famous Applewood Apple Julep. After brunch Papou and Daddy headed out to to hide the eggs in the yard and Miss Lily found them all in about 3 minutes flat! As always, it was another great holiday spent with wonderful family!  I hope someday my own children will look back on their Easter Memories and know how hard we all work to make it great for them!  I know they'll do the same with their own families :)

Well that's about it for our big Easter Celebration! The rest of the evening was spent relaxing, Matt and I caught up on some reading and some shows and we went to bed early so he could get lots of good sleep for his first day at his new job!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, if you celebrate, and if not, that you got to rest and enjoy the day anyway! Love and Hugs!!

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  1. (((kate))) being able to share in your joy...beautiful celebrations make for great memories for sure!! love and light! <*)

  2. Thank you!!! Thanks for reading :) Hpoe you had a lovely weekend!! <3


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