Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Hello Summertime!  It seems that you have finally made your appearance here in Ohio (at least for this week!).  It's been absolutely gorgeous here the past three days, and it looks like the weekend is going to follow suit.  As I write you now from my antique desk in the living room corner, the sun is shining in the big front window, Lily is dancing around to her favorite summer song (Mika - Grace Kelly!) and Charlie is snoozing away in his bouncey seat;  life feels blissful this morning!

Growing up, I was a total Summer was my absolute favorite season.  My summers were spent lounging by the pool, running bareful through our neighborhood, watching my little neighbor's t ball games at the park, weekends at King's Island, slumber parties, late night sneaking out to sit on the front porch with my best friends (who happened to live next door!) and cookouts...LOTS of cookouts!   Summer was the best, and my memories of those days always bring back this amazing nostalgic feeling.  My family made summers great!  We always had our family friends over for pool parties and cookouts - every weekend felt like the fourth of july.  The adults would eat, drink and be merry, and us kids would spend the entire day/night in the pool. Chicken wings, chips and salsa, and of course the summer sounds of Jimmy Buffet on the outdoor speakers.  I wouldn't trade those days for anything, and I want to create the same memories for my children!

So as another Summer begins I have a mental list of things I want to do with my kids this year.  Beach vacation plans...check. Picnics...check. Zoo trips...check. Swimming....check.  Playdates...check. Cookouts...check. This really is one of the most "fun" seasons of the year.  Trust me, I'm all about Fall time with the crisp breezes and the smells of bonfires in the air, cozy days by the fireplace (at Mom's house ;) ), pumpkin and apple picking, and all the joys of the season.  But now that I have my own children, it brings back the LOVE of summertime that I had when I was a kid. You can feel the energy in the air that just isn't there any other time of year!  It really does make you feel like a kid again!
My favorite part of summer are the pool days...we don't belong to a pool or anything like that, we just have a little plastic pool with a slide for Lily (although Matt and I squeeze in with her from time to time!).  We fill up the pool and have it out on the deck, and spend the day watching her "swim" with our feet in the pool, good summer music playing,  eating lunches outside followed up by sticky popsicles in the shade of the big tree in our yard.  It's a little different from the in-ground pool that I had growing up, but it still carries the same nostalgic  feeling. I think next Summer will be even MORE fun since we'll have both kiddos running around!  Isn't it funny how much more carefree you are, as a parent, on those summer days in the sunshine?  I think it just forces us to RELAX!

So I'm on my way outside with my little ones but I leave you with wishes of a fabulous summer filled with picnics, playtime, and sunshine! Have a beautiful day!

Summer 2009 *10 Months old*
Summer 2010 *18 months old*
Summer 2011 *2 1/2 years old*
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