Saturday, May 28, 2011

Welcome to the World, Baby Charlie!

I really debated about sitting down to write a blog post about the birth of my's one of those things that I think some people may be interested in reading, and others may not.  But I think all of us Mom's like sharing our stories, so here's mine!

My doctor and I decide to induce labor on Monday the was a week early but worked out better for both of our schedules and I was happy to NOT have to endure that last week of pregnancy ;) None of us slept well the night before...I was nervous to leave Lily alone as I have never been away from her at night before, and i knew it was going to be rough on her to be away so long (and me too!).  Miss Lily woke up at 3:30 in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep...I think she knew something BIG was going on.  So she climbed into bed with us and I ended up getting some unexpected snuggles from her to get me through the day ;) 5:30 am rolled around and Matt and I took off for the the pouring rain!  Halfway there we had to pull over on the side of the highway because the rain was coming down so hard we couldn't see anything!  Talk about making a 9 month pregnant woman a nervous wreck!  I'm NOT a fan of storms anyway, and this did not help my situation at all! Luckily it passed quickly and we got to the hospital at about ten till 6 in the morning.  I was greeted at the front desk by a very grumpy nurse who was obviously ready to go home - But I was not about to let her ruin our big day!  :) Once the paperwork was filled out we went to our room and were so ready to get things started!
here I am, ready to get the show on the road!
Now, everyone told me that the second baby comes so much faster than the first and that the labor was going to be so much easier...I was counting on that! But I think Charlie had other ideas in mind. It took a while to get things started but at 9:15 they started the pitocin and broke my water - I was 3 cms dilated.

My mom came about an hour later with breakfast for her and Matt and my contractions were starting to hurt a bit but nothing too major.  They upped my pitocin every 30 minutes so something was bound to start happening soon!  At this point, I got to get up on a balance ball and bounce for a bit, which felt great to be up out of that uncomfortable bed! 11 am came around, still only 4 cms dilated and Charlie was not coming down. I started getting a bit concerned at this point.

1 pm came and went and I had spent lots of time rocking in a rocking chair and flipping from side to side in the doctor came in to check things out and I was still only about 4 cms....Charlie was still not coming down into the birth canal.  So now I was getting REALLY worried!  I absolutely did NOT want to have to have a c-section...that was the worst possible option for me.  I wanted a normal birth without the extensive healing time.  But my OB told me that she really thought that he would come down, and not to worry yet.  If there was no change by 5 pm that we might have to consider the c-section though.

More flipping around in bed, and another hour on the balance ball and the contractions were really coming on strong. I was NOT wanting to be one of those "wimpy" Mom's who get an epidural too soon, but I was really feeling some pain.  When I was in labor with my daughter I was also stuck at 4 cm's for a long time, and as soon as I got my epidural I dilated the rest of the way within about three hours.  So after a few tears, I decided it was time.  Epidural in place and I was dilated 5 cms at 3 pm.  Charlie was still in the -2 position but everyone seemed hopeful. I was feeling quite hopeful because I wasn't in pain anymore ;) This time the epidural worked out great because I could still move my legs and feet around a bit even though I couldn't feel too much. It was nice not feeling completely paralyzed.

5pm my doctor returned....I was 8 cms! Woohoo! Unfortunately Charlie was still not coming down into the birth canal so it was just a waiting game at this point.  She left for home but said that she wouldn't be going far because she thought he'd be coming very soon!  I was okay with waiting...I couldn't feel anything!  But the contractions looked painful on the monitor!!  Charlie looked great though, his heart rate was good and so I was willing to wait patiently.  I was a little disappointed though, because I realized I wasn't going to get to see Lily that was getting too late and she'd have to meet her baby brother the next day.

7 pm all chaos was shift change time for the nurses and when my new nurse, Ashley, came in she realized that Charlie's heart monitor had detached. When she put it back in his heart rate was going crazy, jumping all over the place and she didn't think that it was the monitor messing thing I know she's calling for help and the room filled up quickly with lots of people checking monitors, putting me on oxygen, trying to reattach the internal heart monitor and causing me to panic!  Once it was reattached they realized that he was doing fine and also - I was completely dilated!  It was time to bring Charlie into the world!

My doctor, missed my daughters deliver by just a few seconds and was determined not to miss this one! So they called her and she arrived within a couple of minutes, ready to start the show. At this point the weather outside was looking scary and when we checked the news we all realized that there were tornado warnings going off all over the place!  My nurse was stressed because her children were at the local YMCA and were being taken to the tornado safe Mom talked to my Aunt who was staying with my sister for the day and they were taking shelter in the bathroom.  It was a scary moment for all of us, especially with all of the horrible tornados that have caused so much damage lately.  But it was time to focus on baby Charlie....5 pushes later at 7:47 pm Charlie Matthew was brought into the world....weighing in at a hefty 9 lbs 1 ounce and 21 inches long!  Unfortunately I didn't get much of a chance to snuggle with him right away.  They whisked him off to the warming table and then had to call the on site pediatrician to check out his lungs because they were filled with fluid.  Matt and I each got to hold him for about 3 minutes and then he had to be taken to the nursery to be watched farther.

He was kept in the nursery for two hours after he was born and it was heartbreaking for me.  I missed his first bath and his first bottle, but Matt was able to help with the bath, thank goodness! At 10:00 he was finally brought to me and I got to hold him and snuggle with him for the first time.

Since his birth Charlie has been nothing but a pure joy (as all babies are!).  Things are so much easier the second time around, so much less stressful because we've done it before and we know we can do it again! I really think that Charlie is so laid back because we have been much more laid back with all of it. He's the most beautiful little boy that I have ever seen and I can hardly take my eyes off of him.  Lily is just thrilled to have her baby brother home after a couple hard days of being away from Mommy while I was in the hospital.  She really struggled the second day with being away from me, and I had my own share of tears when she had to head for home for the night.  Now I'm just so happy to be home with both of my babies and my husband and to be settling into our "new" life as a family of four.  I must say that there have been many moments in the past couple of days, when I look at the toys on the floor, the pack n' play in the middle of the living room, the bottles in the sink and I smile because I don't think I could ever be happier.  We are just so blessed!
my proud parents and my babies
our first picture as a family of four
my babies right after we got home...Lily is just THRILLED!
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