Saturday, May 7, 2011

27 Reasons

Today is my husband, Matt's 27th birthday!  It's hard for me to believe that we were just 17 when we started's been nearly ten years!  We've been through a lot in these past years, like all couples have, and it's funny to think back to those early days in high school and realize how much things have changed.  Little did we know that ten years later we would have made it through 4 years of him being away at college, gotten engaged and married, bought a car, bought a home, had our first child, and now expecting our second....our ten year high school reunion is going to be so much fun ;)
So in honor of Matt's 27th birthday, these are my 27 reasons that I think he's so great ;)
1. Number one in my list is because he's a wonderful children are so blessed to have a father who is so involved, so loving, so playful and fun, but can also be stern and teach them right from wrong.  He's the perfect mix of the fun Daddy and the responsible Father.
2. Because he can ALWAYS make me laugh...even if it's something ridiculous ;)
3. Because he's responsible...he takes care of us and loves us not only because he's supposed to but because he wants to.
4. Because he is trustworthy
5. Because he doesn't like to fight
6. Because I can always go to him when I feel down, and he always has something great to say to cheer me up
7. Because he loves me for matter which "me" I am that day ;)
8. He's always been my biggest support, whether he agrees with my decisions or not.  My children will be so lucky to have a Daddy who's behind them 100%
9. Because he is kind...he always puts everyone else's feelings first.
10.  Because he's just so darn handsome ;)
11. Because I can always count on him, and so can everyone else...he never wants to let anyone down.
12. Because he always comes home from work and gives Lily his undivided attention
13. Because I know whenever he's away, he always wishes he was home with us
14. Because he works hard
15. Because he never cares about what anyone thinks of him...He'll dance and sing around with Lily no matter who's watching, he'll be silly and goofy, stern, loving.....mostly goofy ;)  He's not worried about what anyone else says.  And you can't say that about a lot of Dad's.
16. Because he's always fun to spend time with, whether we're going to the grocery, to the park, on a date, or even to the hospital...
17. Because he's kind to EVERYONE
18. Because he cares...about nature, about animals, about people.
19. Because he's always there to help
20. Because he is a hands on Dad....when Lily was a baby, he changed diapers, got up in the middle of the night, was thrown up on, pooped on, peed on, and all of the not-so-fun things about being a parent....and never complained, and never stopped.  He always WANTED to be involved.
21. Because he always puts others first
22. Because he let's me sleep in on Saturdays ;)
23. Because I can always count on him to keep me updated with what's going on in the world - since my days are spent watching Nick Jr. ;)
24. Because he wants to be involved in the shopping...maybe this seems silly.  But when it comes to birthdays, christmas, easter, valentines day..all of those holidays, he wants to go shopping too...he wants to pick out toys and gifts, and I love that. We always have fun doing it together!
25. Because he's generous.
26. Because he's just so darn likeable - I don't think anyone has ever met Matt and not liked him instantly (unless they don't like the Cubs or Ohio State!).  Everytime I go to visit him at work whatever client he's working with always has to stop and tell me how wonderful my husband is.  He fits in with whoever he is with so easily and it comes so naturally.
27. Because he loves me, he loves his daughter and his unborn son, he loves his family, my family, our friends, and he loves without boundaries.  He is kind, loyal, forgiving, generous, funny, warm, hard-working, loving, and most of all, I love him because he is HIM.  He's the love of my life and always ALWAYS will be.
There are really a million other reasons, and i'm sure as my day goes on I'll think of lots more that I should have written...but this is just the start, and there's always next year ;)
Oh and I asked Lily this morning what she loves most about Daddy and she said: "He's SO SILLY!!" there you have it ;)
Happy Birthday Matt!!  I hope we all can make it a great one for you - you certainly deserve it!!  I LOVE YOU!!
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