Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Memories 2011

It's funny how, as a child, Easter is a HUGE deal...and then you get older and it becomes a little less fun.  A chance to spend the day with your family, yes, but the magic of the day disappears as you grow older and realize that the Easter bunny is really your parents, and searching for little plastic eggs with candy in them just isn't as exciting.  Then you have your own family, and your own children, and I think the day becomes even more fun and magickal than it was when I was young.  I LOVE to surprise Lily...I think that it's more exciting for me than it is for her.  The night before Easter I was practically giddy with the excitement of what the morning would hold...getting to give Lily her Easter basket, having her egg hunt, and then doing it all over again at my parents house later on in the day.  Holidays were always a big deal for me, as a child, and I really enjoy passing that on to my daughter, and next year, to my son as well!  No, I agree that giving gifts isn't the most important thing, and that we don't want to make it all about that because we don't want our kids to grow up to be "spoiled brats."  But come on! What parent doesn't love to spoil their kids every now and then ;)

For all of my excitement, the day definitely did NOT disappoint. Lily woke up at 6:45 and immediately started telling Matt and I that she heard the Easter Bunny hopping around the night before and that he was leaving her easter eggs for her to find. She wanted to "GET UP!" and find the eggs.  Now, my Lily, is SUPER shy and as soon as she saw that Daddy had the video camera on her, she went into shut down mode a little bit.  She creeped out of her bedroom at the pace of a snail to find her easter basket and kept her head down for the first few minutes....maybe some parents would turn off the camera, but these are memories I want my grandchildren to be able to watch someday - so no such luck for Lily!  She warmed up pretty quickly though as she ripped through her Easter basket and had to play with each toy, look through each book and taste some of the candy ;)

Then the egg hunt commenced and it took her about 4 minutes to find the 28 eggs that were hidden in our kitchen and living room...another four or five minutes to open all of them.  Then she announced that she wanted to find MORE easter eggs and was not afraid to show her disappointment that she had to wait a couple of hours until we got to Nana's house.

It really was a fantastic (if not QUICK!) morning, which was followed by a cinnamon-roll ring breakfast then rushing around to get ready to head out to my parents house... amongst all of the chaos I found myself being even more excited for Baby Charlie's arrival.  I find it a little sad to see Lily going through the motions of the holidays on her own.  I always had my sister.  It'll be so wonderful for her to have a built in playmate at home with her all of the time.  Becoming a family of four - I think - will make us feel like an "official" family - LOL! Just a few more short weeks and he'll be here.  I just can't believe it!
The afternoon at my Mom and Dad's house went well, until Lily got a little too exhausted from the days events and had a meltdown...announcing that she wanted to "GO HOME!!" So we did just that and spent the rest of the day being lazy at home, just the three of us.

I hope that whatever you did on Sunday, whether you celebrated the holiday, or not - that it was a fantastic day for you and your family! Have a blessed week!

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